Strategic Planning

Assessing your market position, designing strategic infrastructure and technology development and conducting feasibility studies for cancer programs

Tap into The Oncology Group’s expertise to position your cancer program and institution for growth and market leadership. We’ll work collaboratively side by side with your team to develop strategies customized for your market and respectful of internal politics and realities. We work with your cancer program leadership and physicians to identify and clarify specific market conditions as well as organizational issues your oncology program faces, and provide a plan of action to solve or mitigate challenges to your program’s operations and growth.

With a focus on your cancer program and institution, The Oncology Group will collaborate to:

In addition, The Oncology Group can design strategic plans for patient-centric, service-specific programs such as:

We know how valuable your time and resources are. With this in mind, we design an engagement that we execute on time, on target and that produces actionable initiatives that physicians and program leadership have been instrumental in developing and therefore will support.