Revenue Recovery

Charges not captured or billed correctly can mean a loss of real money. Our risk-free Revenue Recovery service can help you identify and capture income that is currently lost. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We’re all familiar with reasons for incorrect or missed charges:

Using our proven Revenue Recovery process, our experts review your past year of medical oncology charges and identify all that are missed or incorrect, which we support with medical records detail. You then bill what is still within the filing deadlines—with Medicare, charges can be recovered as far back as 12 months.

We also identify and report overcharges so that you can refund collected monies, thus decreasing the potential for Medicare liability.

Additionally, we summarize all missed, incorrect and overcharges in a management report.

Our Revenue Recovery service offers these risk-free advantages:

Our Revenue Recovery expert, Terry Massey, has a proven track record helping oncology programs increase profits and grow their operations. Known for his sharp analytic skills and extensive knowledge of oncology, he specializes in helping The Oncology Group clients increase their income.