National Cancer Institute (NCI) Designation

Is your cancer center ready to be NCI-designated? Let The Oncology Group help you assess and prepare, guiding you through every step of the process.

Being awarded a National Cancer Institute designation is a pinnacle of achievement for a cancer center. Selection is an entrée to greater federal funding and, just as much, it’s recognition of scientific excellence and outstanding leadership.

Our team of expert consultants—Dr. Donald Trump, Dr. John Wilson and president Steve Black—have extensive experience working at NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers and can help you assess the readiness of your program. We’ll provide an objective analysis of how your center measures against the six essential characteristics that the NCI requires of cancer centers they designate:

  1. Physical Space
  2. Organization Capabilities
  3. Transdisciplinary Collaboration and Coordination
  4. Cancer Focus
  5. Institutional Commitment
  6. Center Director

If your program has already submitted the Cancer Center Support Grant for NCI-Designated Cancer Center (P30), The Oncology Group’s team can help you plan for the site visit to make sure your physicians and staff are well-prepared. In fact, Dr. Trump has served as the principal investigator for multiple cancer center support grants. We’ll determine whether your program has met all of the minimum criteria as well as any required for new NCI program initiatives.

Capitalize on the NCI insights our team can share. They’ll navigate you through every phase of the grant submission and site visit process toward your goal of NCI designation.